• April Tasting Events

    Five days in April becomes tasting season in Champagne with ten associations of producers hosting events for professionals and some lucky amateur enthusiasts. It is an opportunity to taste vins clairs from the recent 2014 harvest as well as the finished products. Terres et Vins de Champagne, arguably the most prestigious association along with Trait-d-Union (who only host every two years) is now in its seventh year. This trend-setting group of World class producers paved the way for other producers to get together to promote themselves and their wines. As a result some 135 producers will be readily accessible in various locations in and around Reims and Epernay.

    The events kick-off with Origines Champagne at the Château Pierry on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th. This new association comprises: Bourgeois-Diaz (Crouttes-sur-Marne), Déhu (Fossoy), Florence Duchêne (Cumières), Nathalie Falmet (Rouvres-les-Vignes), Maurice Grumier (Venteuil), Robert Moncuit (Le Mesnil-sur-Oger), Salomon (Vandières), Soutiran (Ambonnay), Tristan H (Trélou-sur-Marne) and F. Vauversin (Oger).


    On Sunday 19th April is Les Mains du Terroir event in Les Halles Saint Thibault in Epernay. Some very exciting producers will be available between 10:00am and 7:30pm: Aspasie (Brouillet), Cœssens (Fouchères), De Sousa (Avize), Fallet-Dart (Drachy), Philippe Gonet (Le Mesnil-sur-Oger), Jacques Copinot (Montgenost), Janisson-Baradon et Fils (Epernay), Maurice Vesselle (Bouzy), Maxime Blin (Trigny), Penet Chardonnet (Verzy), J-M Sélèque (Pierry), Serge Mathieu (Avirey-Lingey), Vazart-Coquart (Chouilly), Eric Rodez (Ambonnay), Perseval-Farge (Chamery) and Lacourte-Godbillon (Éceuil).


    In the evening of Sunday 19th April at Le Bois Joli on the Voie de la Liberté – the main Reims-Epernay road is the brand new association Des Pieds et des Vins: Barrat-Masson (Villenauxe-la-Grande), Barbichon (Gyé-sur-Seine), Etienne Calsac (Avize), Corbon (Avize), Aurélien Lurquin (Romery), Remi Leroy (Meurville), Mouzon-Leroux (Verzy), Nowack (Vandières), Thomas Perseval (Chamery), Guillaume Sergent (Vrigny), Timothée Strœbel (Villers-Allerand) and Vadin-Plateau (Cumières).

    Facebook Page: Des Pied et des Vins

    Next up on Monday 20th April at the impressive Palais du Tau is Terres et Vins de Champagne: Agrapart et Fils (Avize), Françoise Bedel (Crouttes-sur-Marne), Bérèche et Fils (Ludes), Francis Boulard et Fille (Cauroy-lès-Hermonville), Chartogne-Taillet (Merfy), Vincent Couche (Buxeuil), Pascal Doquet (Vertus), Geoffroy (Aÿ), Goutorbe (Aÿ), Olivier Horiot (Les Riceys), Jeanaux (Talus-Saint-Prix), Benoît Lahaye (Bouzy), Laherte Frères (Chavot-Courcourt), David Léclapart (Trépail), Franck Pascal (Baslieux-sous-Châtillon), Hubert Paulet (Rilly-la-Montagne), Pouillon et Fils (Mareuil-sur-Aÿ), Tarlant (Œuilly), Marie Courtin (Polisot), Marie-Noëlle Ledru (Ambonnay), Georges Laval (Cumières).


    Also on Monday 20th at Le Phare de Verzenay is Verzenay Grand Cru de Champagne, members coming solely from the village and strangely the website is hosted from Italy: Péhu Simonet, Jacques Busin, Jean-Claude Mouzon, Jacques Rousseaux, Godmé, De Carlini, Duval-Charpentier and Jean-Paul Morel.


    Monday 20th also provides opportunity to attend the aptly named Théâtre de Salmanazar in Reims for Le Cercle des Créateurs de Champagnes Confidentiels: Benoit-Diot (Cramant), Boutillez Marchand (Villers-Mamery), Crucifix (Avenay-Val-d’Or), Delhomme (Crezancy), Albin Martinot (Jully-sur-Sarce), Minière (Hermonville), Piot (Festigny), Prestige des Sacres (Janvry) and Claude Michez (Boursault).


    Monday 20th could prove to be a very busy day with Génération Champagne hosting their event at Pavillion CG Restaurant in Reims. It will also be available the following day: Herbert Beaufort (Bouzy), J. Charpentier (Villers-sous-Châtillon), Stéhane Coquillette (Chouilly), Largille et Fils (Treslon), Loriot-Pagel (Festigny), Sadi Malot (Villers-Marmery), Rémy Massin (Ville-sur-Arce), Monmarthe (Ludes), Salmon (Chaumuzy), Sanchez-Le Guédard (Cumières), André Robert (Le Mesnil-sur-Oger) and Veuve Olivier (Trélou-sur-Marne).


    On Tuesday 21st at Domaine des Crayères is Les Artisans du Champagne: Huré Frères (Ludes), Dehours et Fils (Cerseuil), Pierre Paillard (Bouzy), Pierre Gerbais (Celles-sur-Ource), Gonet Medeville (Bisseuil), Alfred Gratien (Epernay), Marc Hébrart (Mareuil-sur-Ay), Doyard (Vertus), Nicolas Maillart (Éceuil), A. Margaine (Villers-Marmery), Lancelot Pienne (Cramant), Daniel Savart (Éceuil), Jean-Louis Vergnon (Le Mesnil-sur-Oger), Vilmart et Cie (Rilly-la-Montagne), Pierre Péters (Le Mesnil-sur-Oger) and Fleury (Courteron).


    Also on Tuesday 21st at Villa Douce in Reims is the event for Passion Chardonnay: Franck Bonville (Avize), Baffard Ortillon Beaulieu (Bassuet), Lilbert et Fils (Cramant), Philippe Glavier (Cramant), Jean Velut (Montgueux), Fabrice Bertemes (Trépail), René Collet (Fontaine Denis), Veuve Fourny et Fils (Vertus) and Henriet-Bazin (Villers-Marmery).


    Finally, the sessions finish on Wednesday 22nd with Club Trésors de Champagne (Special Club members) at Demeure des Comtes de Champagne in Reims: Paul Bara (Bouzy), Roland Champion (Chouilly), Charlier et Fils (Montigny-sous-Châtillon), Gaston Chiquet (Dizy), Duménil (Chigny-les-Roses), Forget-Chemin (Ludes-le-Coquet), Fresnet-Juillet (Verzy), Pierre Gimonnet et Fils (Cuis), J.M. Goulard (Prouilly), Henri Goutorbe (Aÿ), Grongnet (Étoges), Marc Hébrart (Mareuil-sur-Aÿ), Hervieux-Dumez (Sacy), Vincent Joudart (Fèrebrianges), Juillet-Lallement (Verzy), Larmandier Père et Fils (Cramant), J. Lassalle (Chigny-les-Roses), Launois Père et Fils (Le Mesnil-sur-Oger), Loriot-Pagel (Festigny), A. Margaine (Villers-Marmery), Remy Massin (Ville-sur-Arce), José Michel et Fils (Moussy), Moussé Fils (Cuisles), Mouzon-Leroux (Verzy), Nominé-Renard (Villevenard), Salmon (Chaumuzy), Sanchez-Le Guédard (Cumières) and Vazart-Coquart (Chouilly).

    So, a busy time and we will be arriving on Saturday 18th to attend Origines Champagne. Sunday 19th sees us take in both Les Mains du Terroir and Des Pieds et des Vins before heading onto Reims for Monday 20th where we will be attending Terres et Vins de Champagne and Generation Champagne. We depart on Tuesday 21st after taking in one more event: Les Artisans du Champagne.


    Lee and Gita



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