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We are Gita and Lee, two self-confessed champagne lovers for whom this effervescent drink has been a huge part of our lives since meeting twenty-two years ago. Our first trip to the region was in 1999 to source bottles for our wedding. Since then, we have been visiting several times a year, have tasted thousands of champagnes and continue to discover amazing new producers, incredible wines and stories. We are immensely passionate about the top quality smaller domaines who tell a narrative through their creations, from vineyard to bottle. As well as the bubbles, Champagne is home to some excellent still white, red and rosés too; not to forget Ratafia de Champagne. This famous region is fortunate to be home to a myriad of World class winemakers, producing an array of diverse wines, we really are spoilt for choice. We love wine, we absolutely adore champagne!

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Champagne of the Month


Coteaux Champenois Vrigny Rouge 2012

Our “Champagne of the Month” for May is the delicious Coteaux Champenois Vrigny Rouge 2012 by Champagne Lelarge-Pugeot. Coteaux Champenois are the still wines regulated within the Champagne AOC. These wines have been enjoyed by champagne fans for some years and are now gaining in popularity with the wider wine World, thanks in no uncertain terms to their quality levels.


Based in Vrigny, the family has been tending vines since 1799 and Dominique took the helm of this 8.7 hectare estate in 1985. The majority of the plots are in Vrigny, with parcels also located in Gueux and Coulommes-la-Montagne. The vinestock consists of 4.4 hectares of Meunier, 2.8 of Pinot Noir and 1.5 of Chardonnay; soils are predominantly chalk, clay loam and sandy.


In 2000, Dominique began the process of moving towards organic farming by ceasing the use of pesticides and dramatically reducing the use of fungicides and herbicides in the vineyard. Allowing natural ground cover - enherbement followed in 2005 and ploughing by horse was gradually introduced in 2009. In 2010, the family began the process of organic conversion which was completed and certified by 2015. This also coincided with the construction of a beautiful new cellar, expanding the previous facility that was built in 1998. Biodynamic trials began in 2014, the estate is now certified both Ecocert (organic) and Demeter (biodynamic). Beehives were introduced to the estate in 2016 and further biodiversity was encouraged in 2020 by the planting of a large quantity of trees throughout the plots which exist in the nearby woodland. Species included hazelnut, walnut, acacia, ash, hawthorn, birch and poplar. The family vineyards are indeed a very pleasant place to be!

Coteaux Champenois Vrigny Rouge 2012 is a still red wine made entirely from Pinot Noir.the name suggests, it is born from the vineyards of Vrigny; the soil found here is clay-limestone and the average age of the vines is 40 years. The base wine (80%) comes from 2008, harvesting of which took place on 18th September; the reserve wine is a perpetual blend of 2003/4/5/6/7. Natural fermentation with indigenous yeasts and vinification was entirely in oak barrels for approximately 20 months. Alcohol is at 12% abv.


Tasted 18:15 Sunday 2nd May 2021 (root/flower day in the lunar calendar)


Characteristics: Pronounced intensity with primary aromas of violet, lavender, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, red cherry, prune, blueberry and blackberry. There are secondary notes of toast, vanilla, cloves, nutmeg, charred wood and smoke. Tertiary aromas include chocolate, coffee, caramel, fig, leather, forest floor, game, meaty and tobacco.


This wine has developed amazingly well and is now exhibiting those delightful aged notes that classy Pinot Noir is so famed for.


Price circa €33.00



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 A brief description of the most recent wines we have been enjoying. Tchin tchin!


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We've been a little busy over the Christmas period having enjoyed some fantastic wines from brilliant producers!