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Le Champ du Clos, Vallée de l'Ource - Champagne Charles Dufour


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We are Gita and Lee, two self-confessed champagne lovers for whom this effervescent drink has been a huge part of our lives since meeting twenty-three years ago. Our first trip to the region was in 1999 to source bottles for our wedding. Since then, we have been visiting several times a year, have tasted thousands of champagnes and continue to discover amazing new producers, incredible wines and stories. We are immensely passionate about the top quality smaller domaines who tell a narrative through their creations, from vineyard to bottle. As well as the bubbles, Champagne is home to some excellent still white, red and rosés too; not to forget Ratafia de Champagne. This famous region is fortunate to be home to a myriad of World class winemakers, producing an array of diverse wines, we really are spoilt for choice. We love wine, we absolutely adore champagne!

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Champagne of the Month
Brut Nature 2009

Our “champagne of the month” for July 2024 is a bottle from our archives, produced by Vincent Laval of Champagne Georges Laval based in Cumières. Vincent is the fourth generation taking control of his family domaine in 1996. The estate extends to 2.5 hectares; farmed organically since the inception of the domaine in 1971. The estate now holds both organic and biodynamic certification.


The vineyards have a South exposition on the slopes above the River Marne. The soil consists of sandy clay with chalk subsoil. Vincent ensures he waits until the optimal moment to harvest. Ripe grapes mean there is no need for chaptalisation. Sulphur usage is kept to a minimum and of course, indigenous yeasts are used in fermentation. Vinification is carried out in small Burgundian oak barrels and the wines are neither fined nor filtered. Dosages are either kept very low or the wines are undosed; annual production is approximately 14,000 bottles.


Brut Nature is a vintage wine, this being from the 2009 harvest. It consists of 40% Chardonnay, 30% Meunier and 30% Pinot Noir and as previously mentioned, vinification was in fûts de chêne and the wine was neither fined nor filtered. The wine was disgorged on 9th October 2012, without dosage and sealed with a natural cork; alcohol is at 12% abv.


Tasted: 13:45 hours Monday 16th June 2024 (sowing and flower day in the biodynamic calendar) 


Glassware: Lehmann Jamesse Abolus 


Appearance: Clear, pale, gold.


Characteristics: Pronounced intensity with acacia, honeysuckle, violet, lemon blossom, orange blossom, red apple, pear, quince, grapefruit, lemon rind, lemon juice, blood orange, apricot, lychee, cantaloupe melon, passion fruit, pineapple, mango, Chiku and Mirabelle plum. There are secondary notes of shortbread, Chausson aux pommes, lemon meringue pie, Crema Catalana, vanilla, cloves, butterscotch, toffee apple, toasted brioche and coconut. Tertiary aromas include almond, frangipane, marmalade, dried apple, cinnamon, ginger, gingerbread, toast, carob, hay and honey.


Price circa €40.00 (purchased April 2013 – current vintage circa €69.00)

Selosse - Substance.jpg

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Some of the most recent wines we have been enjoying.


Tchin tchin!

Leclerc-Briant - Les Basses Prières 2017

Leclerc-Briant - Le Clos des Trois Clochers 2017

Leclerc-Briant - Réserve Brut

Eric Taillet - Bansionensi 2019

Marie-Noelle Ledru - Cuvée du Goulté

Pierre Péters - Réserve Oubliée

Egly-Ouriet - V.P. 2014

Jacques Selosse - Initial 2002/3/4

Georges Laval - Brut Nature 2009

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